Product and Interaction Designer Open Design Hacktivist.

Digital Portfolio 2016 or Drop me a line through info [at] steam228 [dot] com

Photo CC-by Sebastiaan ter Burg

Adjunct Professor at ESELx - IPL and a Senior Product and Interaction designer (Founder at EVOL/LEVO)

Technical Lead at Creative Commons Portugal;

Founder at DAR - an Open Design and Culture Non-profit, where I’m also the Fab Manager at the local Fab Lab;

I’m currently enrolled in the UT Austin | Portugal Digital Media PhD program where I’m researching about Open Agriculture through the design of a new medium (GROUU) which is aimed at Open Agricultural Knowledge generation and transfer.

In the end of 2016 I co-founded the FarmLabs Initiative through which I also develop my Research.

I started my career in 2003 designing products with a group of Artisans in southern Portugal (Alentejo).

Somehow, in the middle of advertising agency work, trade fair stands, big events, design and production discovered arduino, processing, code, and a lot of things I came to admire, explore, use and research with and about.

These experiences led to a balance between two parallel environments where I design, teach and research: the tech/hacking/maker/ DiY/collaborative/open source and the craft product design experiences.